I agree, healthcare has a long way to go, but it is work in progress, and it’s not just the hospitals and doctors, it’s also government agencies like the FDA that are in there too.  From a post last year in reference to employees of the FDA not having computers and doing research on paper: 

“Hello Intel...anybody listening...maybe Craig Barrett...could we get some Classmates over there to help out??  BDimage

And then I read this…(from Congress last year)

Some of our members don’t even use computers,” Olcott said. “They have some discomfort talking about technology.” ...so if this happens at the top levels...I do ask myself...where does this leave me?  They have staff that writes the legislation...so who's really in control here...do we need to lobby the staff instead?  What impact does this have on electronic medical records?  What does this do for HIPAA? ...some questions kicking around in my head..who is in charge?

And this…

Does Intel know about medical errors, well first hand Betty Moore, wife of Intel Co-Founder Gordon Moore was the victim of medical errors herself while in the hospital.  This lead to a big contribution lf 100 million to establish  a Nursing School in northern California. A nurse gave her a shot of insulin that was supposed to go to the patient in the next bed.

It comes down to business intelligence, something the banking business had made a living from.  There are some additional Intel related links below on some of their areas of technology and investments outside of the chip, like the car that drives itself, powered by a couple core 2 duo servers.  BD 

MEDELLIN, Colombia (Reuters) - Intel (INTC.O) is open to making acquisitions with weakening markets making prices more palatable, and sees technology's key growth areas in healthcare and visual media, outgoing chairman Craig Barrett said on Friday.

Barrett, who steps down in May after 35 years at the company, thinks healthcare should follow the lead of financial services companies, offering access to medical records any time or place around the globe.

"There is huge opportunity going forward in the area of health care. Health care is one of the industries which has really not embraced information technology to a large degree."

Intel still open to acquisitions amid slowdown: Barrett | Deals | Reuters

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