I have added one more added resource, the Twitter Stream to the site.  It is located on the far right hand side, scroll down to view.  While on the Medical Quack blog site, you can also see what’s going on with my Tweets.  As you have probably figured out I send all my posts on the blog to Twitter; however when I have some time I do engage in some Tweet conversations and the latest will be shown.  I like the Stream as I was able to customize it to the colors and theme of the blog as well.

Thanks again too all the readers here and tell a friend, it’s appreciated!


If you want to check in and see who’s reading what here, you can also use the Live Feed link, also from FeedJit, as older posts again become visible and it could be a topic you might be interested in, link a the bottom of the site as well as at the the bottom of the Live Feed.  It gets addictive though, or at least is does for me.  BD 



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