The world of pharma gets more entangled every day it seems and now we have confessions of sex for drugs involving Seroquel and Vicodin.  This goes back to the warnings on Seroquel side effects and the director’s behavior over a few years with also trying to use sex to get additional information with competitors. 

This hit the news over the weekend.  Non sufficient posting of side effects leading to sex for insider information?  This just sounds like overall irresponsibility and a position someone should have thought twice about in regards to ethics to say the least.  I’m sure there will be more to follow on this case and this only serves to reinforce the questioning of drug companies employees and research individuals and it was just last week we learned about several journal studies being fictitious as well, so who and what do we believe?  BD

Top Pain Scientist Fabricated Data in Pain Killer Studies – Was Money a powerful motivator

Former AstraZeneca U.S. medical director for Seroquel Wayne MacFadden confessed his multiple sexual affairs, and his offer of drugs to one of the women he was sleeping with, to lawyers in December 2007.image

The confessions include descriptions of sex in hotel rooms paid for by AZ, illicit distribution of Vicodin, and a kinky relationship in which one of his colleagues asked to be “punished” for looking at a study that had negative results for Seroquel.

He made the confession to the lawyers — who are suing AstraZeneca for allegedly failing to warn patients that side effects of the drug include significant weight gain and diabetes — as part of a deposition prior to the current litigation going on in Florida. (See BNET’s back story, “Email: AstraZeneca Knew in 1997 That Seroquel Caused Weight Gain.”)

The deposition transcripts have been redacted to hide the identities of the women involved, but other documents in the case indicate that many of MacFadden’s colleagues had figured out that he was cheating on his wife with his work acquaintances.  Between 2002 and 2006, MacFadden said he had slept with two executives who worked for AZ or its research agencies. He offered Vicodin to one of them. He also attempted to get confidential information about Bristol-Myers Squibb’s FDA filing for a bipolar depression approval for rival drug Abilify, via a woman he was sleeping with.

AstraZeneca's Seroquel Research Director Confessed to Sex-for-Studies Affairs | BNET Pharma Blog | BNET


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