I can only think back to when I had my surgeries about how nice pain relief like this would have been instead of taking pills, as it could have reduced the amount I had toimage take for a few days afterwards as I felt they made me goofy and out of touch. 

Exparel is a liposome injection of bupivacaine indicated for single-dose infiltration into the surgical site to produce postsurgical analgesia.  Certainly there could be a need for oral pain pills but this seems to cut down the amount if I am reading this correctly.  BD 

PARSIPPANY, N.J. - Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc. said Monday that the Food and Drug Administration approved its drug Exparel, which is intended to treat pain following surgery.

The company said it plans to start marketing the drug to hospitals in January, focusing at first on abdominal soft tissue surgeries. Exparel is a long-acting drug that is designed to treat pain for up to three days after surgery. It does not contain opioids. Pacira said it has hired 63 sales representatives, and they will ultimately market the drug for use after abdominal surgeries, plastic surgeries like breast augmentations and abdominoplasties, and balloon-pump replacements.



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