We talk a lot here in the US about zombie attacks and yes it is getting worse and the call for increases security has never been stronger.  Not too long ago the FBI here imageput out word and a web site where US citizens could check to see if their computers had a “zombie” attack.  The FBI has been battling this a long time and you can go back to 2007 and read about hospital computers that were compromised.

FBI to Battle Zombie Horde - is your PC Infected

It looks like this is a call for India to beef up security on their government web servers too.  It’s really a call for all to do the same.  After hearing this bit of news I’m sure China is looking too.  Back in the US Nasdaq had their security issues continuing with the FBI and I read they were still running server 2003?  Huh, they have all this money and did not upgrade to server 2008?  What’s wrong with those folks not migrating to a more secure server with more features?  The Nasdaq break in was first reported back in February of this year. 

Healthcare Industry Is Not Alone with Hackers, NASDAQ Has Intruders Using Algorithms to Break In-FBI Investigation

 imageCompanies like SonoSite, a healthcare company use the Nasdaq Director’s Desk.  Why?  Well when you are about ready to announce a new FDA approved product, you don’t want any top secret information out in the world until it’s time, insider trading potential again.  We still don’t have all the details release to us yet on their break in.  BD 

Sources within Indian government’s IT arm–the National Informatics Center (NIC) have raised some really dangerous concerns. According to them the government’s IT infrastructure has been used by black hat hackers to attack China. Talking to the Times of India a source said that the government servers have been compromised and used by foreign perpetrators. The admission from the NIC sources mean two things:

  • India’s IT infrastructure can be used by foreign elements as zombies
  • China’s been attacked using Indian infrastructure

It is hard to ignore the geopolitical confusion this can create.  Back in September, the Central Bureau of Intelligence (CBI) said they believed that Delhi’s airport was hacked into. The threat of cyber-warfare being used to cripple critical resources is real and India’s bureaucrats are considerably lagging in realizing this.



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