This is cute…but some real stuff in here to think about too.  We have an EMR model but do we have a doctor mixed in here too, I hope so:)

If you think electronic medical records are getting easier…ask your doctor. The medical records systems themselves are not that difficult but when you add the payables on, the US has a problem like no other country as we are the only ones who tie ICD coding to payments with revenue cycling.  Enjoy the video, nice music and well done.  BD 

Meaningful Use EMR

I am the model user of an EMR that's meaningful
My patient's information is computerized and digital
Each visit note and test result is easily retrievable
With speed and accuracy that is almost inconceivable!
imageIt's shared by every health provider who should need to see it all

And yet it's safely kept behind a well-protected firewall
If somebody should hack into it that would be a federal crime
And if I share my password it's for sure I'll do some prison time

The demographic information I collect may seem absurd
There's date of birth, race, gender, ethnic group and languages preferred.
In short, in matters medical, computerized and digital

I am the model user of an EMR that's meaningful. image
I reconcile each medication, noting every single pill
Except for controlled substances, I electronically refill

I check for interactions for each single drug I may prescribe
And allergies to medications that my patients may describe.
I take blood pressure, weight and height, and calculate their BMI

And check the box that says I told them if it is too low or high.
The system plots a growth chart I don't need to do it manually
I ask each patient's smoking status and update it annually.
I keep a current and updated patient diagnosis listimage
I send reminders to my patients to prevent appointments missed
I'm typing better than my Mom who once worked in a steno pool
I am a model user of an EMR that's meaningful.

At each encounter's end I print an after visit summary
I'm tracking 14 core objective measurements of quality
Plus 5 of 10 more menu set objectives chosen just for me
Will this improve the care I give or is it just frivolity? image
It does not matter, 'cause my data pretty soon will be online

And patients who can see it will be judging me in no short time
Deciding if I am a doctor who provides them decent care
Based only on the numbers that the CMS report puts there.
It's been 5 years since I have looked a patient straight into the eyesimage
Without my finger on the keys or else a laptop on my thighs
Though I have carpel tunnel syndrome, trigger thumb and shoulder pull,
I am a model user of an EMR that's meaningful.


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