Yes there is greed with social algorithms and if you read the article in it’s entirely you can see that.  Sure some jobs come along but not enough as we are back in the “intangible” mode here.  A social network is not going to cure or treat you when you are sick and the biotech companies that are exploring and developing in that area are hurting.  Kind of makes one really stop and think as to what we see as being important today.  Sure social networks allow some great communication and so forth, but when intangibles (a bunch of algorithms that run on the web) surpass the value of medical cures and treatments, do you not think something is wrong with this picture? 

There were 13 IPOs this year in healthcare, and over all look at some of the other facts, many drugs being developed to extend life that are not affordable, drug shortages, and so on.  Health IT analytics are still being sold and marketed like crazy and we need such programs but it’s way over done and their potential clients, doctors and hospitals are having a difficult time affording many of the Health IT services, so what’s up with that?  Groupon had a $20 initial price, biotechs were between $4.00 at the low end to $19 for one at the high end with most averaging around $9.00 or $10.00.  This is both drugs and devices.  We read every day where big pharma is cutting back their research and development departments with layoffs so I guess they can all go look for a social network job somewhere?  Sad, when talent goes by the wayside. 

If you want to see something that I think is a bit whacked out, see where Urban Airship raises $15 million from Verizon and Salesforce.  Do we really need Urban Airship software when people are not getting their needed medications and devices?  It just points out where the imbalance is today.  Keep in mind these same companies are mulling over what type of healthcare benefits to provide employees, so as we saw the strike with Verizon over benefits, they seem to have plenty of money to throw around for airships.  Sure software has value but like this?  They are just one of many so not to pick on them in particular.  Mobile apps are on the rise and gosh we have a ton load of them in Healthcare that get little attention on the consumer side as there just are so many. 

Good Science, Investments and The Chase for Social Algorithms Has Become a Dangerous Mix-Healthcare and The Creation of Jobs Continue to Suffer

Good science has not caught up with the financial push

Also in the news today were some big corporations named that paid zero with income taxes for 3 years and Verizon was on the list, along with other such as Wells Fargo, need any more proof here?  I saw too where someone wrote an article that the IPO saved Groupon from bankruptcy and of course made many rich as it’s generating money. 

Life and Healthcare A Big Batch of Non Balanced Algorithms With Insufficient Intellectual Interpretations–Tax Breaks Maybe For Those Producing Tangibles Vs Formulas

In order to get jobs back we need as a country to produce something besides algorithms to base an economy on as we see it falling through the bottom here.  A big part of the problem too is having lawmakers who are so digitally illiterate that they can’t even begin to see this and thus so all the “Occupy” movements live and for good reason to speak out against such math and the imbalance of priorities today in the US.  They are non participants in this arena and are oblivious as to the impact with technology and the financial algorithms created that just continue to shift the money around to the 1%. It’s all about the math and those algorithms.  BD

Groupon raked in so much cash through its initial public offering last week that it could buy the entire class of life sciences companies that have gone public in 2011.

For those of you who aren’t following the Groupon melodrama, the Chicago-based online daily deals site raised $700 million last week in its IPO after overcoming serious questions about its accounting practices. Groupon shrugged that off and saw its stock (NASDAQ: GRPN) boom 31 percent on the first day of trading. TV news commentators cheered, just like when social networking site LinkedIn (NYSE: LKND) went public in May.

The biotech IPO market, by comparison, has been about as exciting as the average Seattle Mariners game was this year


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