This is very cool and operates world wide and yes they do a lot of work right here in the US.  The goodwill tour in Los Angeles was kicked off in October of 2011 which is dedicated to helping those in the US.  There’s a big focus on children of course who need surgery.  FedEx just donated a new DC-10 for the next flying hospital.  The flying eye hospital has been around for quite a while.  If you go to the website, you can see the entire layout of the jet. 


(WMC-TV) - Doctors and nurses from the Mid-South are helping people around the world with eye problems.
ORBIS International and their eye care professionals and aviation staff are able to save the eyesight of millions of people around the world. They said none of this would be possible without the flying eye hospital.
The world's only aircraft with a fully functional eye hospital on board landed in Memphis Wednesday as part of the North American Goodwill Tour.

Sponsored by FedEx, ORBIS International is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that works to save eyesight around the world .
"We train nurses, doctors and optometrists all in this area," said ORBIS Associate Director of Nursing Heather Machin.  "We are also doing live surgery for the patients that have been selected."


In addition to a $5.3 million cash donation, FedEx announced they will donate an MD-10 cargo aircraft to ORBIS to be converted into a new flying eye hospital.
Director of Aircraft Operations Bruce Johnson said the Goodwill Tour is about showing sponsors that their donations are indispensable.


  1. i cant believe this that was so good to see the clinic in the flying flit
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