If you click on the image you can see the follow up video 2 years after the procedure.  At the link below you can see the original video when he was taken in to surgery.  50% regenerative tissue is great odds by any means.  Those in the trial who did not receive stem cells did not see any scaring improvements at all.  He has no shortness of breath and doesn’t even give his heart issues much thought anymore as it is working so well.  BD   


Stem Cell Trial Reports Success With Cardiovascular Repair With Reducing Size of Enlarged Heart and Increased Ability to Pump Blood

This is amazing what stem cells are doing in the field of cardiology.  One patient in imagethe trial referenced has a heart attack 11 years ago and is doing better.  New cells are being produced and some of the scaring from heart attacks is going away.  There are also no serious side effects for the patients.  Stem cells are used from the patient’s own bone marrow.  We also have a trial ongoing at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles and participants are experiencing almost miraculous results.  Listen to a patient from Cedar Sinai below.  BD

Heart Stem Cell Trial at Cedars Sinai – Patient’s Own Cells Injected to Reverse Heart Attack Damage

After suffering a serious heart attack two years ago, Ken Miles volunteered to be patient No. 1 in a risky clinical trial involving stem cells. Correspondent Bill Whitaker reports on the remarkable results since CBS News first began following his story.



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