I will keep repeating myself, license and tax those folks who are using all the data out there, a gold mine and guess what they are part of the 1% that have a ton of imagemoney!  This is the same platform from GNIP that Klout uses, although I have little use for that program myself.  When it comes to investing money versus what Klout does, we have a different story. 

Privacy Wanted–So Let’s Require Those Who Sell Web Data to Register and Tax the Transactions and Publicly Disclose Who They Sell To With a Federal Registry

I don’t like additional government regulation like the rest of us out there, but this is out of hand today and leads to some steroid marketing that is also out of hand, especially in healthcare, so why not register and start taxing it. image Walgreens said their intangible business was worth $800 million, so they could afford as many others could to pay some tax? Again having the availability for the consumer to look up and see who is registered and who they sell to would be a start in the right direction with transparency efforts today.  The Opt Out bill is also not out of the question but it all depends on how the bill gets worded and if there are any enforcements available.

It’s the 1% with the Algorithms and the math that seem to be catching all the money here…wake up and get in to the math and understand those algos.  Watch below how algorithms have teeth and are shaping what happens in the world, it’s technical war fare.  If we don’t start checking and taxing some math, nothing is going to change any time soon.  BD 

Algorithms Shape our World

The amount of market data high frequency traders are using as trading indicators continues to grow more rapidly than Facebook can add users or change its privacy policies, and vendors are scrambling to offer new technology that can help firms - and algos - find the data, sort it and leverage it.

One of the latest vendors to tap into hedge funds' increasing use of micro-blogging data as a trading indicator is Gnip, a provider of public social media data for enterprise applications, which now delivers more than 1 billion social media activities every day to its customers.

In a bid to incorporate the most "relevant" social media data streams into a single solution for hedge funds and high-frequency traders, the vendor has launched a product called Gnip MarketStream, which aggregates high-volume, low latency new media for trend analysis.

The service provides hedge fund managers, traders and signal providers with real-time streams of public data from Twitter and StockTwits, a financial platform that provides real time trading research data and allows investors to share market insights, ideas, charts and news.


Ultimately, market data both on and off the web is skyrocketing and as hedge funds try to digest it as quickly as possible and to make intelligent use of it, they need to make sure they have an efficient storage and retrieval platform, can integrate various data sets and can provide tools to help their traders understand the data and patterns.



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