German Merck and US Merck are two different companies and were separated imageyears ago.  Can one not start another Facebook page?  It’s not like these pages are “gold” for goodness sakes and there’s out opportunities, i.e. like the official company websites which where I would go anyway if needing any information as I spend no time on any business Facebook pages and turned my own page off a while back. 

Did the US Merck hack it:)  Funny that Facebook seems to care less for the most part other than checking to see if anything was hacked.  This would be funny with Merck hacking Merck.  BD 

FRANKFURT—German drug maker Merck KGaA has asked a New York City court to force Facebook Inc. to explain how the German company lost its page on the social-networking site to U.S.-based rival Merck & Co.

According to a filing in New York State Supreme Court, the German Merck intends to "initiate action based on the apparent takeover of its Facebook page at" by Merck & Co., the similarly named but separate competitor.

"We just want details about how our URL was taken over by the company and we are wondering why this happened," a spokesman for Merck KGaA said Thursday.

Representatives for Facebook and Merck & Co. of the U.S

Facebook "has not been cooperative" in restoring the page, and in several communications appeared nonresponsive or evasive in dealing with Merck KGaA, the filing added.

Merck KGaA said it entered into an agreement with Facebook for the exclusive use of the Web page in March of last year, but last month the drug maker discovered that it no longer had administrative rights to the page, which was filled with content related to Merck & Co.


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