If you read the link below have something similar available here in the US too.  There will be 10 patients in Bristol that will participate in the trial and I think this one is going to be good based on what we do here in the US.  BD 

Stem Cell Bandage Granted Approval in UK To Begin Clinical Trial For Treating Torn Meniscal Cartilage in the Knee

“Azellon’s meniscal repair technology will combine your own bone marrow stem cells with a special membrane that helps to deliver the cells into the injured site. Because your own stem cells are used they cannot be rejected by your immune system. There are 4 stages involved in the treatment.”

The world's first stem cell therapy to repair torn cartilage in the knee has been brought one step closer.

Professor Anthony Hollander, co-founder of University of Bristol spin-out Azellon Cell Therapeutics, has just received funding of £65,000 to carry out clinical trials on the use of a patient's own stem cells for knee repair.

The bandage, which is grown from the patient's own stem cells, is put in place within two weeks of harvesting the cells from the bone marrow using a simple surgical procedure. It is hoped these stem cells will heal the tear.

'With permission for a trial from Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and completion of this funding round, we are now ready to get going on our safety trial; it's an important moment for Azellon and for stem cell research', explained Professor Hollander.

Laboratory tests have been very promising, and the phase I clinical trial, which received MHRA approval in June, will test the stem cell bandage on ten patients, primarily to investigate its safety, but to also determine if it works in humans.

The trial, which will take place at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, is scheduled to begin May 2012, with interim results being released after 18 months. Professor Hollander was part of the team who successfully transplanted the first tissue-engineered windpipe into a Colombian woman in July 2011.



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