This is kind of a summary statement of what I have been saying for the last number of years.  The Occupy movement basically reinforces this with the imagefrustrations, loss of jobs and market that focuses only on financial gain with a serious loss of ethics.  The Occupy movement represents this for all of us in the 99% group.  You keep reading that the 1% keep getting richer and they are.  They have the “math” and algorithms on their side 100% that allows this to occur.

I guess through all of this we can really tell who doesn’t like math and formulas but it is what it is…it’s what was built and by living in the past and not coming to terms with the way IT Infrastructure runs the world, we get nowhere.  The protests are mounting and growing.  This is great for awareness, but what is the next step? 

We need to fix the math and hold corporations who used algorithms and formulas for greed gain accountable, in other words, it’s back to the math, I don’t care how many ways you slice it, that is the only answer. 

Nothing will happen until new code runs through those servers as IT Infrastructure runs almost all processes today in business and government.

We have just witnessed the failure and denial of our Congress in not coming to terms with this with the recent failure of the Super Committee – they don’t do math or understand how algorithms and corporations that create formulas have the power to move money.   They are not smart enough to take advantage of all the big data intelligence we have out there to gather enough intelligent information to make decisions, they have thrown in the towel due to digital illiteracy in thinking that making a few new laws will solve this problem, it won’t.  All we get is a return to a “default” topic of discussing abortions…the old blast from the past and nobody is ever going to agree on this topic and it’s waste of time for lawmakers to keep going over and over this topic when there are more important issues at hand. image

Michael Moore has done a great job in keeping the awareness alive both in person and with his last 2 movies, Sicko and Capitalism, but I remember reading articles written a year ago that the public was his next frustration with all of us “doing nothing”.  We are doing something now but not enough as we have not identified the enemy here and it will continue with the insanity until we embrace the knowledge it takes to fight back.  Until we do that, big corporations and their math and algorithms rule. 

It is interesting to further note that nobody gets this.  I have had a few folks ask me questions from both major publications to having protesters themselves ask me, and the answer to both sides is the same, it’s the math.  You read about it all the time in the news that someone was denied care, money, services and some still think a human did it…NOT…it’s the 24/7 servers that receive information about you and I that digest and give a decision on the data in the files…it’s not a human. 

Sadly though we do have “humans” also known as Congress that are looking worse every day, still living in the past and thinking that creating laws will solve all, well they can’t even hardly make laws anymore, so we are at a stand still.  They have the lowest public opinion on records and a lot of that goes back to their digital illiteracy.  Sure they can play Solitaire on the computer or mess around on Facebook but does that constitute any intelligence..NO.  They too are merely puppets of the math and live in the past. 

We are a very gullible and naïve society here in the US and way too many believe all the stats and reports thrown at them.  Certainly there are good numbers and legitimate studies done by all means, but when it comes to make a buck and moving money, the “dirty” algorithms supersede any opportunities we have as folks who write them are smart as well as those who direct programmers and marketers out there.  Again it is what it is.  If you take time to listen to this radio broadcast below it will all become very clear.  Again those in Congress can do all they want to increase their wealth and mostly they don’t understand it but hire the math whizzes to do it for them as all they care about is their own bottom line, with a few exceptions. 

“Numbers Don’t Lie, But People Do”–Radio Interview from Charles Siefe–Journalists Take Note, He Addresses How Marketing And Bogus Statistics Are Sources of Problems That Mislead the Public & Government

We talk about the battle of regulation today, let’s call it auditing instead.  We may have a little better chance with using the correct terminology of what really needs to take place as the word regulation send folks running for the hills, it does in Washington for sure.  That one word motivates a lot of people and companies to do some strange things out there for sure.  I said way back in August of 2009 that we needed a Department of Algorithms, what I meant was a means to audit the formulas and algorithms running through systems today because there’s a lot of “dirty math” out there, look at the banks.  I wrote that back when the Madoff story broke and we had a real ignorant situation going on here.  The man was never “audited” sufficiently and look what happened.  We had an SEC who was too digitally illiterate to act and had their pockets lined in many areas.  When you stop and look at the scheme Madoff had, it was not complicated but he played it to the hilt until the money behind the fake algorithms ran dry.

“Department of Algorithms – Do We Need One of These to Regulate Upcoming Laws?

How did they accumulate their wealth, algorithms and formulas that took advantage of the less digital literate and they are smart enough to pad the pockets of Congress and basically keep them in the dark too as they won’t complain if they have enough money to keep them happy.  It’s digital war fare out there and we have a President who’s doing his best but nobody’s buying the package of how numbers and math move money.  image

To make matters worse we have “bad science” out there today and the link below spells that out very well too.  These are the folks that “get math” that are trying to bring the message to the gullible and naïve.  Crazy and wacky newspaper lines distract and disrupt when it comes to what creates and cures cancer.  Anyone can crunch numbers, but what studies and results have value?  Think about it…we all hate it but it goes on without “audit”.  It’s a blood bath.  image

Bad Science and Bad Analytics That Misleads–TED Video Takes on Advertising on Steroids and Danger of Mis-Matched Analytics And Distortion of Clinical Trials (Video)

What’s a certificate like this worth today…not much and if you watch the video at the link above, it belongs to the doctor’s cat.

I gave up a long time ago with being impressed with what we call “experts” as they don’t exist.  The only “experts” out there are the ones who control the code and know how to write algorithms to move money and profit.  That’s a pretty powerful statement but again it is what it is, if you take the brave step out of denial and look at the world around you today.  You read in the news everyday that US corporations are hiring more employees outside the US…the algos tell them to do that for greater profits, it’s the math!  So yes we complain about it but that’s about all that ever gets done as how do you fight the battle for greed?  Learn math and call for “audits”…stop using the word regulation and let’s begin a new paradigm here with holding corporations and banks accountable for the math they use for profit.

Years ago this was not an issue, but it is today with the global economy and denial doesn’t do anyone any good.  Reports and data are skewed today with marketing imageas you can compare your data and numbers to whatever you want out there to make it look better, in other words 2 plus 2 is now equaling 5.  You have been sold and marketed.  In healthcare, all of the clinical trial data is not released so what do we get there, selective data for profits. 

We still continue to live in a world of distraction and again the news shows us garbage all the time and I do realize that transparency is alive and well but along with the good comes the garbage that distracts you too, wake up to that fact.

People are mis matching data to make a case and if you look at FICO you will see nothing less.  Anyone can crunch numbers but do they really apply?  Digital illiterates buy this up like crazy.  Sure you can crunch numbers to use for projections but when you take those same statistics and bring it down to an individual decision making process, i.e. what the Occupy movement stands for out there, you have insanity. 

Even the Netflix algorithm that determines what you like is only 60% accurate so when you see a company like FICO using such algorithms to give you a risk assessment on medical compliance, it’s insane, wrong and is just flat out marketing to sell more software and algorithms.  This is a pretty obvious example here with this one as we all know this is not right and nobody challenges the insanity and the claims they have.  Again crunch numbers if you want but when you bring insane numbers down to a screen that denies care and services and gets more money from the middle class, someone needs to “audit” that function.  Again, back to Congress they don’t do math so they don’t understand it and think a law will fix this…NOT. 

FICO Analytics Press Release Marketing Credit Scoring Algorithms to Predict Medication Adherence–Update (Opinion)

I had to laugh the other day at the press release that came out with more earth shattering news in a press release, we now have an “anal algorithm”.  Was that worth a press release…no but it sure was funny and again shows the great lengths marketing takes today to sell you on just about anything, even at that level and telling consumers that perhaps their doctors may not be aware of the sphincter algorithm.  Doctors laughed at this one big time and the example was made to show what one considers important or a break through today.  There’s a lot of “anal” out there today and it’s in Congress when it comes to any type of leadership with digital illiteracy and living in the past. 

”The Anal Algorithm”- An Algorithm To Address Treatment of Fecal Incontinence–Bowel Control Disorder Sphincter Therapy

This is a lot of what the Occupy movements stand for, useless rhetoric that distracts and keeps real solutions from being created.  I used to write code and am nowhere near being an expert by all means but did well enough to write a full medical records program a few years ago and I know the mechanics.  I of course wrote to a higher tune of accuracy but there are those who do not and know how to manipulate numbers and it’s just as easy to write computer code for “desired” results as it is for “accurate” results.  Anyone who writes software can tell you that besides me. 

So what is really important?  Can we as a country ever be proud again and collaborate together?  I’m beginning to wonder with the lack of leadership and intelligence we see today.  Shoot I don’t even think the Supreme Court has that almighty intelligence anymore and we get an “opinion” rather than a decision founded on intelligence and they should shop around and get some of the tools needed for an intelligent decision and drop the politics as accuracy and truth is what we want today. The DOE has some great computing and information gathering tools but will they use it, probably not. 

Supreme Court Likely to Rule on Healthcare Law Early Next Year–This Gives The Justices Time to Rent Some Computing Space from the DOE As They Will Need It

Here’s one more tool that probably would not even be given a second look.

Supreme Court to Rule on Healthcare Law-Maybe the Court Can Enroll in Google BigQuery & Machine Learning Tech to Help Them Sort the Data-The Beta is Open!

Do you feel a little out of touch if you have read this far?  I hope so as again my job here is to also try to bring about the awareness of what is really happening. 

Protest and awareness are great, but the next step is the battle…clean math and auditing the algorithms used.  They will continue to run on servers 24/7 and make life changing decisions about you and I until someone questions their authenticity.  Again, I will reiterate that this is what the Occupy movements are all about, and some in the movement may not realize this themselves but they know with 1% having most of the wealth that something has gone wrong and this is it, the math and algorithms and no accountability. 

I really wish and have written about it many times that we had lawmakers who could use some of this greater intelligence used by corporations to make better laws and perhaps get a Department of Algorithms or something like it in place.  Let’s face it, would you not like to see a united Congress to stop the blame shifting and sit together and use a big data system like IBM Watson to query and get information?  I would as it would be a huge improvement over what we have today with intelligent questions asked and we would all know all have the same starting point with the “same numbers”.  We don’t have that yet and see “brainless” candidates opening mouth and inserting foot as it becomes more apparent every day they have no clue. They can’t even recognize a valuable tool when it stares them in the face.

BM Watson Capabilities Being Pitched to Financial Industry-Congress Must Not Have Felt They Needed This So Further Behind We Fall With Effective Intelligent Lawmaking

Until we get some intelligent moves in this country and drag enough out of denial things will not improve.  Those servers running 24/7 will keep doing what they have been doing and it will accelerate and the 1% with the algorithms will gain even more.  Occupy represents something for all of us and sadly in the news they are criticized by more “digital illiterates” who write the news and thus their real point and reason for existence is never properly defined. 

If you want to see a great example of "dumbing down the public” read the link below as you are marketed in healthcare to think it is all just a game.  We did have one representative from Homeland Security recognize this and it’s true. Would you see the likes of Ben Bernanke playing a game like this?  We look to him as some what of a leader and he makes important decisions, would he sit around and do this, of course not because healthcare is NOT a game. 

Insurer Software Games Continue to “Dumb Down” Consumers–Would You See Bernanke, the President, CEOs and Other Executives Playing an Online Insurance Game–No, Part of the Focus Of Occupy Wall Street Frustrations

But you know what, I had someone send me a picture of computers in use during a House session and guess what, from the picture captured it seems like those in session think this is all a game. There couldn’t be a better picture that says it all with digital illiteracy and priorities can there? 

Anyway I have a 4 part series on this topic below if you want to read more and I guess this is Part 5 at this point with reality knocking at our doors every day and it’s our choice as to whether or not we let it in. There’s a ton of media and substantiation in all of the past articles and I think you will relate to a lot of it.  I hope the folks in the Occupy movements take a few moments out as well to maybe understand the real roots of theirs and our frustrations and what reality holds for us or doesn’t hold if we don’t get to the root of the problems, not use the word regulation today but rather switch over to the word audit to provide true accuracy and accountability

We are beyond laws on the books to make any difference today.  Stop and think about how you have been marketed with flawed and skewed data and reports today….it’s all around you if you just open your eyes…and again it is the “Attack of the Killer Algorithms” that may do us all in if a real touch of reality and and transparency doesn’t kick in soon.  BD

Occupying Wall Street–It’s All About the “Attack of the Killer Algorithms”–The Unfair and Marketing Exploit of Ethics Using Math–This Could be a Subject for Michael Moore to Explore and Document In a Movie
“Killer Algorithms: Part 2” Disturbing News for Consumers With Credit Scoring Adding New Data Analytics–Some of the Same Methodologies Used by Insurers With Flawed/Potential imageErroneous Data–One More Reason to Continue Occupying Wall Street
“Attack of the Killer Algorithms” Part 3–Vatican Doesn’t Like It Either–Occupy Wall Street Belongs in New York As They Don’t Do Code or Algorithms in Washington–Only Find time To Talk Abortions
Attack of the Killer Algorithms-Occupy Wall Street Part 4 Health Insurance Style - One More App For Folks Who Are Tired of Flawed Algorithms That Require A Ton of Work and Research Time To Create “Perfect” Data Files for Insurers And Others Analytics Processes

From the very beginning, supporters of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) have touted its decentralized nature as one of its greatest strengths. The opponents of a political movement commonly attempt to discredit them by pointing to outside powerful interests secretly pulling strings, thereby jeopardizing its grassroots legitimacy. We saw this with the Tea Party, whose opponents very early on argued that it was backed by corporate entities like Fox News and the Koch brothers.

Though similar claims have been made about Occupy Wall Street -- including attempts to tie it to conservative bogeyman George Soros -- its reputation as a leaderless movement has mostly remained untarnished. People tend to look down on political organizations that are little more than astroturf, and Occupy Wall Street is effectively able to wear the banner of populist outrage.

Chris Bowers, co-founder of the netroots blog Open Left and current campaign director for Daily Kos, told me that his work around OWS has mainly focused on driving people to the locations.

"We had over 300,000 page views on a list of Occupy Wall Street events, and over 25,000 pledges of people pledging to attend events," he said in a phone interview. "I'm sure the number of people who went to the events who used our list are much larger than that. It's entirely possible that it's the largest source driving people to events of any website around."

Daily Kos is known, in part, for its active diarists' community, and Bowers estimated that several hundred diarists have contributed on-the-ground reporting from various OWS locations. So far, there are about 6,000 posts that use the OWS tag, several of which have gone viral. One such post, an open letter to an OWS opponent, has received 144,000 Likes on Facebook. Bowers said it was one of Daily Kos' most viral posts ever.


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