The big corporate insurance machine keeps getting bigger all the time, if not Physician's groups it’s HMO companies, not to mention other companies in the Health IT business who also sell to doctors and hospitals.  The company is the largest Medicare Advantage company by market share.  XLHealth also focuses on dual patients, those who qualify for Medicare and Medicaid. 

From the website:

“We supplement regular physician care by collecting and analyzing clinical and administrative data – including medical history and health attitudes – and then coordinating customized preventive care plans for Medicare beneficiaries.

At XLHealth, we understand that our ability to improve patient care requires the use of sophisticated information systems to collect and analyze data, accurately predicting risk factors and cost considerations. Through our proprietary medical management software platform and innovative technology solutions, we are continually leveraging in-depth clinical and patient reported data to create imageactionable reporting directing improvements in health outcomes and better control of medical costs.”

United HealthCare Gets In the Medical Device Business–Distributing Cheap Hearing Aides Sold Via Hi HealthInnovations Division –Subsidiary Watch

The company has been buying up independent physician’s groups as well such as this example in Orange County, CA.  I try to tag most of my acquisition posts with “subsidiary watch” and you can use those search words to find more here at the Medical Quack.  BD 

United Healthcare To Buy Huge Chunk of Orange County, California Managed Care Business with the Purchase of Monarch Healthcare–Subsidiary Watch

In addition, retail stores have been on the agenda as well as hiring a former US attorney general and with all the subsidiaries they have how do you keep out of a conflict of interest position, I just wonder?

United Healthcare Opens Retail “Employer Benefits” Store in Queens New York And Hires Former Minnesota US Assistant Attorney General As General Counsel

Data selling is right in here with Optum and they partner with Walgreens who’s data selling business the CFO stated not too long ago was worth just under $800 million. 

UnitedHealth, YMCA Expand Diabetes Prevention Program with P4P for Walgreens

At any rate you can read the full details who knows maybe those “cheap” hearing aids will make their way into the stores along with branch locations for their bank for HSA accounts?  Banks are shrinking today but I bet not this bank owned by United. 

UnitedHealth Group Owns a Bank With Deposits Surpassing a Billion – OptumHealth Bank FDIC Insured

More people may get free or cheap hearing aids made in China I guess. 

UnitedHealthCare Throws in Free Hearing Aids for Those Who Enroll In AARP Medicare Advantage, HMO & POS Plans in Miami-Dade County From Their New Subsidiary

This subsidiary in China was bought just under 2 years ago.  I believe some of the action started here with buying China Gate which works to bring more Chinese drugs and medical devices to the US and world wide and already has a line of communication with the FDA. 

UnitedHealth subsidiary (Ingenix Subsidiary I3) Acquires ChinaGate – Working to Sell Chinese Products Globally

If that is not enough the company has a subsidiary that can introduce and provide the consulting to bring a drug or medical device to market so in essence they can control the entire pathway here all the way down to physician reimbursement.  BD

United Healthcare (Optum) Owns A Consulting Firm for FDA Drug and Device Approvals, Clinical Trials–CanReg - Subsidiary Watch

MINNETONKA, Minn. & BALTIMORE, Nov 22, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- UnitedHealthcare, a UnitedHealth Group UNH -0.05% company, has agreed to acquire XLHealth Corp., a sponsor of Medicare Advantage health plans with a primary focus on Medicare recipients with special needs, such as those with chronic illness, and those also eligible for Medicaid ("dual eligibles").

XLHealth's expertise in improving care for Medicare beneficiaries with elevated health risks, which includes its innovative and nationally recognized clinical model of care, will enhance UnitedHealthcare's already strong Medicare Advantage portfolio. This acquisition will allow UnitedHealthcare to better serve chronically ill and dual eligible members. Ninety percent of Medicare beneficiaries have at least one chronic condition and nearly half of all beneficiaries have three or more conditions. In addition, dual eligible individuals represent a disproportionate share of Medicare beneficiaries with chronic diseases. With this acquisition, UnitedHealthcare will seek to build on the XLHealth model of care to better serve Medicare Advantage members in markets across the country.

XLHealth currently serves approximately 113,000 Medicare Advantage members in Arkansas, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, South Carolina and Texas, and will expand its presence to Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, New Mexico, New York and Wisconsin in 2012. In addition to chronic conditions special needs plans, XLHealth also offers dual eligible special needs plans, and traditional Medicare Advantage plans. The company estimates its 2012 revenues will exceed $2 billion.


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