The treatment, called laViv, was developed by Fibrocell Science of Exton, Pa. It imageinvolves taking a sample of skin cells called fibroblasts, which make collagen, from behind the person’s ear. The sample is sent to the company’s laboratory, where the fibroblasts are multiplied in cell culture, a process that takes 11 to 22 weeks.

When you look at the images in the video you can see we are talking more than just wrinkles in some cases with burned tissue and more.  This is amazing and the fact that it’s your own cells, there’s no rejection, just the time it takes to grow them..  On the wrinkle side too, it is not just a filler, it’s re-growth as well.  When you watch the woman who was a bomb victim 3 years later it is amazing.  Forget fillers, go for the stem cells.  BD 

F.D.A. Approves Stem Cell Therapy to Reduce Facial Wrinkles

LaViv Stem cell treatment


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