Same old problem again finding the packages and hoping retailers have it included on their recall lists..what a hassle.  We have to do better and you can read about 2 2 year campaign and there are over a hundred other posts besides the summaries here. 

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Recalled Wipes From Triad Still Out There in Consumer Medicine Cabinets and Possibly At Some Retail Locations-Manufacturers and FDA Need To Do A Better Job-Bar Codes

I just kind of wonder if J and J got spooked with their Baby Wipe products and tried to give this a whirl, just in case they had to recall anything as they are right in here too.  Right now the bar codes contain product information but they could be reprogrammed to give real time recall information if that were to occur.  Yes I have beat J and J over the head too with this idea in more ways than one. 

Johnson and Johnson Puts Microsoft Tag Bar Codes on Baby Wipes But Can’t Do the Same to Give Consumers the Chance to Find Their FDA Recalls - BarCode Baby Steps?

Now this issue of course is in women’s health, so seems they don’t care about this issue either?  If a woman already has a problem they are at higher risk…great news…not!  Again, we will have recalls and this is just like the oil plug and BP and how they had no plan for when disasters happen.  BD

The recall applies to limited lots of Kotex Natural Balance Security Unscented Tampons Regular Absorbency distributed to Walmart, Fry's and Smith's stores in eight states. They were sold in 18-count and 36-count boxes with SKU numbers of 15063 and 15068.

The tampons were recalled after company tests detected the bacterium Enterobacter sakazakii, which could cause health problems, including vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, pelvic inflammatory disease or other, potentially life-threatening infections. Women with existing health problems, including cancer, HIV or compromised immune systems, are at higher risk for infection.

For a list of specific lots recalled, click here.

Consumers who have the products should stop using them and contact Kimberly-Clark's consumer office at 1-800-335-6839. Anyone who has been using the products and experiences unusual vaginal discharge, headache, rash, fever, vomiting or abdominal pains, should contact a doctor.


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