This is a nice detailed report and says a lot of what I say and again the focus on fixing the math and the algorithms.  Today Harvard put out a study that said there’s a big tendency for the creative to be deceptive and basically for lack of a better choice of words, they cheat with mathematical formulas or structure them only for profit with a neglect for ethics. 

I have had my series going here about the “Attack of the Killer Algorithms” and you should read it for some new viewpoints as you may be naïve and gullible and if nothing else it will wake you up to how many decisions servers running 24/7 are making today.  It’s not the server’s fault as someone has to input algorithms for this and so if you think any other action other than cleaning up our math and holding corporations accountable for such actions is going to work, it’s not.  This is why we need executive leaders in government with “some” IT background as the figureheads have not embraced this year and we still see all the side shows on the news every night.  The next day some news media puts them right on the spot too, as they look pretty ridiculous.  By the way, the reader is very cool and open it up to look at it full screen to read.  BD 


“Occupy Algorithms”–”The Attack of the Killer Algorithms Part 5” - Nothing Will Improve Until Audits and Actions Takes Place To Correct Formulas Built for Profit Only by Corporations And We Battle Back With Math

Nothing will happen until new code runs through those servers as IT Infrastructure runs almost all processes today in business and government.  BD

The report calls for a serious jobs program that will necessarily include short-term stimulus measures, but with its primary focus on structural interventions to shift the balance of economic and political power from Wall Street to Main Street. The authors propose a seven-part program to advance this power shift:

  1. Redefine our economic priorities by replacing financial indicators with real wealth indicators as the basis for evaluating economic performance,
  2. Restructure the money system to root the power to create and allocate money in Main Street financial institutions that support Main Street job creation.
  3. Restore the middle class by restoring progressive tax policies and a strong and secure social safety net.
  4. Create a framework of economic incentives that favor human-scale enterprises that are locally-owned by people who have a natural interest in the health and well-being of their community and its natural environment,
  5. Protect markets and democracy from corruption by concentrations of unaccountable corporate power.
  6. Organize the global economy into substantially self-reliant regional economies that align and partner with the structure and dynamics of Earth’s biosphere.
  7. Put in place global rules and institutions that secure the universal rights of people and support democratic self-governance and economic self-reliance at all system levels.


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