The nurse was fined and will attend a retraining.  Internal investigation found out that she didn’t read or SCAN the label to the patient wrist band.  We talk about safety and systems, well here’s a case where the technology is there for safety and still mistakes are made.  The man suffered a cardiac arrest and there’s a bit difference between the two drugs by all means.  BD  image

The family of an American man who died after he was accidentally given a medicine used in executions is suing the hospital.

Richard Smith, 79, died at Miami's North Shore Hospital on July 30 last year after being given Pancuronium, a muscle relaxant, instead of the antacid Pepcid.

"They basically said 'I'm sorry to have to tell you this but the nurse administered the wrong medication,'" Mr Smith's son, Marc told WPBF.

Mr Smith went to the hospital with shortness of breath and stomach pains.

Not long after he was administered the potentially lethal drug he suffered cardiac arrest.

Doctors were able to resuscitate Mr Smith but his brain function was irreparably damaged and he died a month later.


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