The Wall Street Journal caught up with Bill Gates on his way to Davos and talks imageabout quite a few healthcare subject here, including budgets.  He says through the foundation he learns a lot about healthcare and urges continuation of funding. 

The conversation goes back to the market fall and the impact it had with budgets being immediately squeezed. 

He says he’s spending a lot of his money and Buffet’s money that it puts him in a seat that perhaps those in politicians get to see and he hope the attention will continue to benefit.  Will the people who need AIDS drugs be able to get and afford them is a big question. He has no problem with financial taxes but says they are difficult as they are political.  He says it’s going to be another decade before we see real change.  Private philanthropy is a big help but it can’t carry the entire burden by any means.  Again Bill Gates make the case for immunization and reflects again on polio where vaccines have a big impact to eradicate the disease.  BD


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