I first wrote about the start up company back in March of 2009 and now it appears that they have the FDA approval for use of the keyboard.  The keyboard sits inside an enclosed unit and rolls out for use and when completed, it is sucked back in for treatment with UV lighting to clean the board of bacteria, etc.  image

Germ-Zapping Keyboard – for use in Hospitals to help prevent the spread of MRSA, C Diff, and other bacterial infections

From the website:

“The Vioguard keyboard is stored in a mechanized enclosure (which doubles as a monitor stand) when not in use. It safely floods the keyboard and track pad with germicidal ultraviolet light. When
a user sits down at the workstation and activates the infrared motion sensor with the wave of a hand, the keyboard automatically extends into working position. When the user is finished, the keyboard automatically retracts back inside the enclosure and activates the germicidal ultraviolet lights.”

There are indicators that tell you when the keyboard is ready for use and this looks like a good way to help the spread of MRSA and other germs.  The user just moves their hands over the sensor and the drawer opens for use.  BD

SEATTLE--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Vioguard™LLC (www.vioguard.com) today announced the U.S. Food & Drug Administration has cleared the company’s first product, the Vioguard self-sanitizing computer keyboard, for use in healthcare settings. The product is the first FDA-cleared computer keyboard to use the germicidal properties of ultraviolet light (UV-C) to automatically clean its surfaces. UV-C is a proven killer of flu, MRSA, and other harmful viruses and germs. image

Vioguard’s self-sanitizing keyboard has the look and feel of a standard notebook keyboard, and requires no software or special hardware to function. A powerful microprocessor controls UV exposure, operation of the sensor, and monitors safety interlock switches and lamp status.

On a user-triggered or predetermined basis, the keyboard automatically retracts into its own clean, light-tight enclosure. The keyboard is then safely flooded with high power germicidal UV light. By waving a hand within inches of a built-in motion sensor, the motorized keyboard drawer quietly opens and presents a completely sanitized keyboard and touchpad.



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