This is not Jon’s usual rhetoric but is very tame and is more informative.  He puts her imageon the spot about premiums going up.  They go over medical loss ratios for insurance companies and the 80/20 plan.  The discuss waivers and how folks will get check back if the companies do not meet the ratios. 

There are 2 parts so here’s one. 

In Part 2 a few more politics are mentioned with exchanges and the states.  Jon asks how do you balance the lousy states.  Tax credits are discussed and the question about the “fine” being less than dropping employees is debated a little.  Tell that to these folks as this company doesn't seem to foresee any problems with upcoming fines in the years ahead, that is if they are still in business, another issue today with smaller businesses. 

Aviation Safeguards Company-Services Big Airlines With Skycaps, Wheelchair Assistants and Security at LAX Dumping All Healthcare Benefits for Employees February 1st 2012

This was nice but not the real world totally as the portion of big business and their crafty algorithms was missed as insurers live off their “algos”.

Sure the insurers feed information in but the data is created by the insurer algorithms….hope our new financial protection czar digs in here with some “real” math as the talk is all great but things change daily it seems. 

I think corporate USA will find some holes when they craft some new formulas as they haven’t let us down yet if you read the news on some of this, so with all the money they make selling data, license and tax the insurers with a usage tax as they are seeing record profits right? 

I think this kind of stuff every time I have to pay an excise tax to buy a tire for my car.  BD

The Alternative Millionaire’s Tax–License and Tax Big Corporations Who Mine and Sell Taxpayer Data They Get for Free From the Internet-Phase One to Restore Middle Class With Transparency, Disclosure and Money—1


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