In November of last year the CHA also filed suit against the cutting of Medicaid in California.  Do you know how hard it is to find doctors in California who will honor Medicaid?  Ask a doctor trying to find a referral for a child, it’s hard.image

California Hospital Association Sues HHS With Kathleen Sebelius Named To Block a 10% Cut With Medi-Cal Reimbursements

This has a big impact on hospitals too, many of which are not in the best financial picture to day.  Shoot even a couple weeks ago Cedars decided to no longer support mental health care at the hospital so cut backs are all over the place.  BD

A federal judge in California issued a tentative ruling that blocks the state of California from cutting Medicaid payments by 10% for physicians, clinics, pharmacists, dentists, ambulance providers and durable medical equipment suppliers.
Trade associations representing the providers sued the California Department of Health Care Services and HHS arguing that the cuts violated federal law requiring that Medicaid programs ensure access to services, and that federal officials failed to appropriately consider the impact of the cuts in approving them.


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