we don’t know which subsidiaries of big conglomerates shares data with the other ones so that’s the only item that worries me with such services.  We are seeing all types of web services and even when shared with a wellness service, some of those are owned by insurance companies so who really knows.  Back in October of 2011 the CareSpeak integration was announced as a means for compliance.  Who gets to see and access that data, the “Shadow” wants to know. 

United Healthcare To Begin Using CareSpeak Text Messaging for CareGiver Alerts and to Push Compliance With Requested Responses

These options are not bad but gee when you think of how companies like Walgreens made short of just $800 million on data selling, and United and their subsidiaries are king of this market, it does make one wonder on the data and behavioral analytics too.  We are not there of course to see the data integrations so we can only guess, but there’s money in that data and you almost have to say where there’s a “will” there’s a “way”.

When it comes to privacy too, Fitbit was found to have sexual profiles online in Google searches a few months ago, so hmmmmm, privacy again. 

Fitbit Profile Sexual Activity Shows Up In Google Search Results–Default Privacy Settings Allow Search Engines To Post

Again with all the massive profits made from selling data, and with looking a the huge dollars in profits insurers make doing this, the Alternative Millionaire’s Tax makes sense, license and tax those folks who make millions consuming “free taxpayer data” from the web.  In some states they have had to put software governors on the free data as the bots slow the servers down to a crawl and consumers like you and I who are supposed to have access have a difficult time as the data miners for profit edge us out with multiple bots for profit.  I think about it every time I have to go buy a tire for my car and pay federal excise tax. 

The Alternative Millionaire’s Tax–License and Tax Big Corporations Who Mine and Sell Taxpayer Data They Get for Free From the Internet-Phase One to Restore Middle Class With Transparency, Disclosure and Money

Again I do hope our new consumer financial chief knows math and algorithms, otherwise are sunk as it’s profit for big corporations by the algos and that includes healthcare.  We just just get to chase flawed data as consumers and the entire post below explains a lot of that. 

President Appoints Richard Cordray as New Consumer Financial Protection Chief - Hope He Knows And Understands Correcting Flawed Math and Formulas To Battle the “Financial Attack of Killer Algorithms” On Consumers With Banks and Corporate USA

So again from a consumer advocacy standpoint and awareness, read those disclaimers over and over to make sure you understand if you signing “your data away” for profit.  I’m not against good data for better clinical care but this is really not what’s happening here at all.  Wake up and smell the roses if you will, as it’s all about the data and you do wonder with Walgreens making just short of $800 million on data selling, is filling prescriptions just a side line business to get the data for sale?  Ponder that one if you will. 

United has a bank and is into all kind of stuff outside of health insurance and you can read about their low income housing investments below.

United Healthcare Gets in The Low Income Housing Business With Partnership to Finance Housing Projects in New Mexico

Maybe these could be free in time too if they collect enough data for sale?  I wonder too about the no co-pay hearing aids too and how other insurers see this as a lure to attract seniors to their health insurance plans?  They own the company that distributes them too.  BD 

UnitedHealthCare Throws in Free Hearing Aids for Those Who Enroll In AARP Medicare Advantage, HMO & POS Plans in Miami-Dade County From Their New Subsidiary

MINNETONKA, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--UnitedHealth Group has announced strategic partnerships with three health technology companies that offer mobile products and services designed to help improve consumers’ health and well-being.

“Physical activity is paramount in helping people improve their health and well-being. Fitbit is dedicated to developing innovative and simple ways to motivate and empower consumers to achieve the results they want for their health and fitness”

UnitedHealth Group’s new business partners – CareSpeak Communications, Lose It! and Fitbit – help simplify the consumer health care experience by making relevant, practical information easier to access by using consumer-friendly technology devices such as smartphones and other mobile devices.

“Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the way that people take control of their health. UnitedHealth Group is committed to developing innovative solutions, and we look forward to working with such creative partners as CareSpeak Communications, Lose It! and Fitbit to help people live healthier lives,” said Rick Jelinek, executive vice president and CEO of Emerging Business Group at UnitedHealth Group.



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