This case beyond the ugly pornography charges get even more interesting with the new charges added on.  Somehow when the company billed for their services someone forgot that there are audit trails.  image

The doctor was a medical director of a company that provided monitoring services surgical procedures using the Internet.  It appears that even when the web was down at certain locations, the service was billed anyway.  Doctors were not able to monitor either due to no connection or tech issues with getting the service live. 

The charges are that the billing took place whether or not the monitoring by physicians took place or not, and, this is a big and here, employees posed as doctors to monitor and now we have crossed another line here with employees logging on to monitor a procedure to where a doctor was promised and should be there as part of the service.  On top of that the type of surgeries were neurophysiologic, so complex and specific in nature.  Modern technology does a lot for healthcare but it also has to be present to create a billing.  BD 

Dr. Daniel Joachim, 51, was charged Wednesday in federal court along with Maryland company Physicians Analytical Services Inc., according to U.S. Attorney Jim Letten's office. Joachim and the company are accused of fraudulently billing insurance companies and pension and benefits programs for surgical monitoring services.

Joachim was first charged in federal court with receipt of child pornography in August 2010. He is accused of trying to receive sexually explicit images of children and faces a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison if convicted, according to court records.

The superseding bill of information handed down Wednesday retains the child pornography charge but adds the health care fraud charges, Letten's office said.


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