Now that we have a patent I assume we might see more of these out for sale?  I would think the ER room would be a good place for one of these machines to help determine if someone who was either conscious or unconscious has been drinking and to what level. 

In time I’m sure the device will maybe get smaller and there will be one in every patrol car but again for now guessing the price will have to come down a bit for mass distribution.  The device from TruTouch does have some competition with other technologies too.  BD 

Devices That Record and Report Data – Alcohol Compliance and Reporting Via Sensors, Games And Voice Decoding


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. & FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--TruTouch Technologies, a pioneer in non-invasive biometric intoxication detection systems, today announced that it has secured a U.S. patent that protects the use of its noninvasive optical technology for the detection of alcohol in operators of automobiles and machinery.

The patent, titled “Apparatus and Method for Controlling Operation of Vehicles or Machinery by Intoxicated or Impaired Individuals,” discloses several embodiments of the TruTouch alcohol technology that enable a rapid, noninvasive alcohol test that is verified to have come from the person seeking to operate the vehicle or machinery. The use of the TruTouch technology effectively precludes the potential for circumvention of the alcohol test, and therefore ensures safe operation of vehicles and machinery equipped with the TruTouch device.

The TruTouch products use an advanced intoxication detection technology that uses light to measure a subject's alcohol level instead of bodily fluids or other means. With TruTouch, a test subject places their finger on a near infrared measurement system, which then analyzes the alcohol concentration in the subject's system. The device can produce accurate results in seconds, and has a built-in biometric identification system to ensure test result integrity.


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