Back in December of 2010 we had the hospital in Phoenix who “lost their religion” over a procedure that was deemed an abortion and so perhaps this was an event that started the move in this direction?image

St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix Ends up Losing It’s Religion

There are quite a few just in Los Angeles county alone.  If you read the article it’s all about money and staying in business to merge with other hospitals.  In the news of late there’s been quite a bit about a Jewish hospital merging with a Catholic hospital I believe in Tennessee and that has been a little rocky.  Is this the future of hospitals to survive to be non affiliated with the church?  In case you missed it, 2 big hospitals in Hawaii closed down at Christmas time.  BD

Hawaii Medical Center Closes Emergency Rooms As New Buyer for the Facility Fell Through And Facilities Will Be Closed When All Patients Have Been Transferred

Catholic Healthcare West, one of the nation's largest hospital systems, is ending its affiliation with the Catholic Church and changing its name, two steps intended to help the system expand throughout the states in which it operates — California, Arizona and Nevada. The changes, which executives plan to announce today, underscore the challenges facing Catholic hospitals in the marketplace, where there are tremendous financial pressures for hospitals to merge or form alliances with other health care providers to survive and thrive.

The change will have no effect on patients or the medical care provided at the 25 Catholic and 15 secular hospitals in the system. But executives hope it will make it easier to merge or affiliate with other hospitals, doctors' practices and other health care providers.


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