I have never heard of this either but a parasite picked up from fruits or vegetables that may not have been washed thoroughly enough.  Talk about a trip to Hawaii that become a nightmare and a great doctor that diagnosed the condition too.

He is now having to re-train his body as it appears to have a very deadly effect on the body’s nervous system.  One more problem associated with rats and do they have any good function at all?  I have not been able to find one.  BD

WATERTOWN (WCCO) — People travel to Hawaii to relax and get some sun and surf, but a Minnesota man’s trip to paradise turned into a nightmare after he contracted a paralyzing disease.

Eric Reinert is 22 years old and learning to walk all over again.

He’s taking baby steps and it can be hard to keep his balance, but they are a long way from where he was just a month ago.

He was stuck in a wheelchair in a Hawaiian hospital all because of a microscopic parasite.

It’s extremely rare and it’s as nasty as it sounds. The lungworm parasite lives in rats and comes out in their droppings. A slug in Hawaii eats the parasite and that same slug lays its eggs on fruits and vegetables. Eating some produce that wasn’t washed is likely how he got the parasite.



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