This is a strange case indeed but with half a million dollars and no name anywhere imagefor Mom, I guess this is where the lawsuit came from and the donation goes back to 2005 so there was plenty of time to act on this one.  The hospital had suggested an intensive care unit but Mr. Brooks said that did not fit and wanted a Women’s Center.  There might be more to come on this one as who knows he could just take the money and donate to another hospital and get the women’s center built elsewhere.  BD

CLAREMORE, Oklahoma (AP) – An Oklahoma hospital in Garth Brooks' hometown must pay $1 million to the country singer because it failed to build a women's health center in honor of his late mother, jurors ruled Tuesday evening.

Jurors ruled that the hospital must return a $500,000 donation to Brooks plus pay him $500,000 in punitive damages in Brooks' breach-of-contract lawsuit against IntegrisCanadian Valley Regional Hospital in Yukon. Brooks said he thought he'd reached a deal in 2005 with the hospital's president, James Moore, but sued after learning the hospital wanted to use the money for other construction projects.


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