If you read here often enough you know I have covered quite a few of the Kinect healthcare stories which are great with what has been done with hacking the system, but we do have these insurance companies that want every stick of data they can get their hands on and have put out games for consumers to play to be healthy, well this is just what they were waiting for and Aetna already has their games they have hawked quite a bit recently so will the public play “the Insurance Games”?  I don’t know about you but my healthcare and games don’t quite mix and I’d rather play a real game. 

Aetna To Offer Online Game Social Game For Personal Wellness- Joins Humana As They Have An Online Game Called FamScapeimage

As a matter of fact it would not surprise me to see the games in Best Buy since Aetna is going to begin hawking their software products in some of their stores.  They want your data one way or another.

Best Buy Setting Up to Hawk Software from Aetna For Consumer Wellness–Companies Still Don’t Get the Consumer Involvement Yet With a Vehicle and Creating Value

So which one will come out with a game first?  United had a big presence at CES so maybe they will jump on this bandwagon too?  They get into everything including investing in low income housing and distributing cheap hearing aids from China.

United Healthcare Partners With Mobile Health Tech Firms–Investment for Data? Check Out All Privacy Statements Today Regarding Privacy, What Little is Left for Consumers

One executive from Homeland Security a while back though said sometimes we “dumb down” consumers with items as such too and as I mentioned at the post below, would you see Ben Bernanke playing insurance company games?  I think he’s more interested in money and has his plate full with other items. 

Insurer Software Games Continue to “Dumb Down” Consumers–Would You See Bernanke, the President, CEOs and Other Executives Playing an Online Insurance Game–No, Part of the Focus Of Occupy Wall Street Frustrations

Now for PACS systems and other uses, Kinect has some awesome potential and it has even worked with the daVinci robotic surgery unit.  This is where the real value of Kinect will be for healthcare instead of creating another way to get data to sell.  Here’s some real good articles below.

Microsoft Announces New Kinect Hardware for Windows Coming in Early 2012–Bring It On

Microsoft Kinect Working with a PACS Server-Images on Steroids Via Gestures (Video)
Microsoft Kinect Effect–Sensors Everywhere Including the Hospital OR- Video

Here’s another hot article to check out relating to Kinect and Surface.  Again I do wonder how long it will take insurers to work this into the game=data scenario and how long before we read about it and will they be fighting in court over patenting their games <grin>.  BD 

Windows Phone + Windows7 + Kinect + Surface + Speech Recognition – Wicked Technology and Integration

Healthcare. Microsoft clearly sees Kinect as a hospital and healthcare staple. On ZDNet Health, Denise Amrich noted how Kinect is helping hospitals practice so-called clean techniques. Amrich, an RN, noted that keeping a sterile environment is critical. Kinect is also likely to have surgical applications too. And Kinect is likely to be useful even at the lower end of the healthcare spectrum. The Wii is used in physical therapy. Chances are the Kinect will be too. Also see: Microsoft foresees roles for Surface 2, Xbox, Kinect in healthcare



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