This was reported by Pharmalot earlier today and I assume Sermo is not gone but the emphasis will be on the start up company, commons sense tells you that.  Earlier this year Sermo had partnered with FiercePharma and I am on their mailing lists and have published some of their survey information.  Stay tuned as I’m sure there’s more to follow soon.  BD 

Sermo and FiercePharma Partner to Allow Readers to Have Access to Sermo’s Online Information

From the website:

“Our team has been working on par8o for over a year now. But before we were par8o, we were SERMO and had worked together there for…well let’s just say the very beginning. We are physicians and dreamers, technologists and artists, business people and friends.  We share a passion for exceptional product design and an obsession to help fix healthcare.

More than five years after launching the heralded and closely tracked Sermo web site that formed a burgeoning online community of physicians, Dan Palestrant has left day-to-day operations to form a new venture that he hopes will reinvigimageorate healthcare by directly connecting doctors and patients.

Called par8o, the new site is based on theories espoused by Vilfred Pareto, a 19th century economist turned sociologist, who philosophized about income distribution and efficient economies, among many other things (read more here). In this case, Palestrant hopes to apply notions of supply and demand to realign patient and physician behaviors.


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