Oh you do have to love this video as he did a very good job and of course he has imagewritten a book about his experiences but you have to laugh when you see him watering a plant with a helmet on. What does happen if one takes all the warnings literally and tries to practice all of them…this is well worth watching and the humor is built in. 

He was well oiled with sun screen, wrote the book on a treadmill and so on.  He followed ALL THE EXPERT advice.  This makes a point of what do you buy into and what can work for you, especially in the consumer medical apps area as there’s enough out there that only do one thing to choke a horse.  We could use a few less of those and more apps that do “more than one thing”.  BD 

Living Right Almost Killed Me

I always thought it would be interesting to assemble ALL of the warnings and instructions that come with the stuff you get (water heater, iPod, car, children's toys, etc.) and implement all of the instructions, as per the instructions. A.J. should do that next.



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