The plan gives employees the option of using a telehealth visit in the situations to imagewhere the patient's regular doctor may not be available, after hours and so on.  In addition the medical records from MDLiveCare will also integrate with Microsoft PHR HealthVault.  I am guessing this is the ability to import your video or telehealth visits with the doctor.  This is not the first company to provide this service and one thing you can say for sure is that teleheatlh is on the move. 

MDLiveCare work with LabCorp as well if a lab test was needed.  BD 

SUSSEX, Wis., Jan 16, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- QuadMed, a nationwide leader in employer-sponsored healthcare solutions, will deploy state-of-the-art telehealth technology across its network of worksite healthcare clinics through a new partnership with MDLiveCare.

MDLiveCare offers access to a national network of board-certified physicians and licensed therapists, in conjunction with QuadMed's network, providing quality healthcare services via secure video, telephone, and email communication. image

Under an exclusive agreement, QuadMed will utilize MDLiveCare's proven telehealth technology to create a 'Virtual QuadMed' approach that significantly expands the scope of its clinics, giving employees and their family members another way to access QuadMed providers and services.

The new telehealth capabilities will also allow QuadMed, which operates clinics for nationwide companies like MillerCoors, Northwestern Mutual, Briggs & Stratton Corp. and STIHL, Inc., to provide more convenient care to smaller employers and employers with a distributed workforce.


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