Not too long ago Medtronic announced their cellular connection that works with medical records and now for children or adult monitoring they have mySentry for monitoring.  I swear we are going to have more monitoring systems available soon that it might be hard to choose which one:)


Medtronic CareLink(R) Network Goes Cellular – Devices That Report Data Connecting to EHR Records With HL7

You can watch the video below and see how it all works.  The child wears the pump and the care giver gets the alerts.  There are 3 parts to the system, the monitor, the power supply and the outpost device.  When the outpost connects to the pump it collects information and sends it to the monitor.  The systems need to be within 6 feet to exchange between themselves.  When the pump receives an alert the monitor goes off.  You get different alerts and the one showing high or low glucose levels would be the most important.  In addition you have hardware monitors that tell how much insulin is in the pump and the battery status.  Red, yellow and green lights on the screen quickly tell you when action is or is not needed.  It even has a night light if needed so you can find it, if the screen is not enough for you to find the monitor.  BD 


mySentry Remote Monitoring

mySentry is used in conjunction with the MiniMed Paradigm ® REAL-Time Revel™ System, an insulin pump with built-in continuous glucose monitoring. mySentry can be placed in the bedroom or in any room imagethroughout the house so all important information is just a glance away. mySentry provides flexibility and a wide range of uses including displaying all of the alerts and alarms available on the Paradigm Revel insulin pump: predictive alerts, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) graph, insulin pump battery life, amount of insulin remaining, and time until the next glucose sensor calibration.

Medtronic is committed to working with health insurance providers to ensure access to and reimbursement for the product. More information is available at

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