A while back I had the pleasure of speaking with Steve Shihadeh, vice president, Microsoft Health Solutions Group and we talked about the varied imagesolutions of Amalga.  Outside the US, many places are starting from the ground up with limited or no data systems in place and the hospital in Bumrungrad is one example.  The link below has a couple videos that describe more about the hospital and their Amalga solution.

Microsoft Amalga Hospital Information System at Bumrungrad International Hospital

In addition to accessing the medical record son the MC50 phones, they will also be equipped with bar code readers as well for medication and patient identification.  BD  

Bumrungrad International Hospital plans to install a wireless system including Motorola handheld devices at its facilities to allow doctors and nurses to access electronic medical records.

The wireless system will fill a gap at the hospital as it works to install computers in every patient room. The computer project will take three years to complete, yet administrators want health professionals to be able to take advantage of digital data at the hospital anytime, anywhere.

imageBumrungrad is famous as a place for vacationers in Asia to stop in for anything from a check up to major surgery. The electronic medical record system it developed with software maker Global Care Solutions was bought by Microsoft and is now being sold throughout Asia as the Amalga HIS system.

The MC50 uses Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS and will be able to run the Amalga HIS software already in use at Bumrungrad later this year so that electronic medical records can be accessed on the handhelds.


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