CRM (customer relations management) software has been around for a while.  I have some experience here with Microsoft CRM and it works good.  I go back to the beta days and remember how it started.  The nice thing about the software is the integration with Outlook.  I live in Outlook and so does a lot of business world today so training is a bit shorter for one and the interface is familiar.  That is one area where it’s hard to compete with Microsoft with products that are either an add on or build on the Office Platform, people are already familiar with the basics as Office has been around for quite a while now. 

About a month ago I wrote a post about Microsoft Dynamics and an add on that I use with Outlook.  They do have CRM for Healthcare too.  These days you can have it hosted and use out of the Microsoft Cloud too.  As you can see, looks just like Outlook.  Microsoft Dynamics also integrates with their own aggregating services, Amalga as well. 

Not too long ago GE announced an effort to develop health record technology with Mayo, wonder if this plays into the scheme? 

GE, Mayo Clinic, others to develop health record technology

This is also a post from a while back that shows how EMRS and CRM work together, the similarities and value of both. 

What does CRM have in Common with EHR/EMRs

Dynamics CRM also integrates with Microsoft Business Intelligence software, so there’s an option to go one level up for a complete Business Intelligence solution.  BD 



GE Healthcare IT, a division of General Electric Company, and Microsoft have entered into an independent software vendor alliance agreement to provide customers with enhanced healthcare IT administration capabilities that support GE's Centricity Enterprise healthcare IT solution, currently in use by hospitals worldwide.

According to GE Healthcare, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 will be the foundation for billing, accounting, human resources, and materials management applications that integrate with the clinical, patient administration, and financial capabilities in Centricity Enterprise.

GE Healthcare and Microsoft sign software vendor alliance agreement - Contract Services : News

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