His fiancé had to go to court as well, so this is not that easy to do.  A woman has to show that she was in an intimate relationship with the deceased and the sperm only goes to one individual, but the sperm has to be harvested right fairly soon with the body in cold storage just in case it is to be found.   There is a code of ethics here so someone just can’t show up and demand sperm in the case of death.  This is somewhat a first of it’s type and there may be more of these cases down the road. 

In the case of infidelity, something like this one could get touchy I would guess.  In today’s age of transparency there are far fewer items and secrets that accompany one at the end as the old saying used to be was that you could take that to your grave, but not as much anymore.  BD  

To keep the sperm viable, Johnny Quintana's body was kept in cold storage at the medical examiner's office at Jacobi Medical Center, with an ice pack kept on his testicles.

To harvest the sperm, a urologist surgically removed tissue from his testicles, said Albert Anouna, director of the Sperm and Embryo Bank of New Jersey.

If sperm is found, it is then preserved in nitrogen vapor, kept at -160 degrees Celsius in several vials.

How to extract sperm from dead body


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