These are 2 interesting devices with videos on each one.  The second one is a bit more difficult to put on.  The first device is lighter and basically offers support for moving around, while the second device is more of a support system.  Both are very interesting and shoot the first one looks good to me, only 6 pounds, so not real heavy and the gals in the video seem to like it as well.  Maybe there’s more money in medical devices than cars today?  BD 

It says something about American culture that when we hear the words "bionic exoskeleton" we instantly think of a device that turns an ordinary man into a superpowered fighting machine. That was evident yesterday at a press conference to demonstrate Honda's two new assisted mobility devices, the Stride Management Assist and Bodyweight Support Assist.  American reporters, myself included, asked Honda's Japanese engineers if the devices—which are primarily designed to help the elderly move about more easily—have military applications, or if they could help people jump higher, run faster or deflect bullets (okay, nobody asked that last one, but I was thinking it). The engineers stressed repeatedly and earnestly that these self-contained, battery-powered walking machines were not military in nature and were not meant to imbue physically fit people with superhuman strength.

The Stride Management Assist

Bodyweight Support Assistant

Robotic Device Gives "A Leg Up" On Walking - CBS News

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