I am guessing they are battery operated.  Actually this sounds like a real good thing for those who are in wheelchairs or bed ridden, and maybe just those who might like a little extra benefit from wearing this type of underwear.  BD 

Vivian Mushahwar, a University of Alberta cell biologist and Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research senior scholar, and her imageteam have designed "smart" underwear in an effort to prevent pressure ulcers from developing on bed-ridden people or those in wheelchairs. The undergarments sense that a person's skin is under pressure because of immobility, and, in turn, stimulate muscles in those areas to circulate blood and prevent ulcers from forming.

"It would take me 20 years to get the results this team will be able to achieve in five years," said Mushahwar, a professor in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry and at the Centre for Neuroscience, of the collaborative nature of the project. "Our team is designing neural devices with input from the people who will use them, and from the doctors and rehabilitation specialists who know the risks, and who themselves have dreamed of creative solutions."

'Smart' underwear eases ulcers


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