The test results should be in soon to confirm.  Neither individual knew the other one and both had recently been to Mexico, so it appears there may be the first 2 cases on the map for Orange County.  image

Also in the news in Boston, Harvard’s Dental School Treatment clinic has been temporarily closed as a precaution as a third year student developed a probable case.  The clinic is tracking down anyone who may have had contact, either fellow employee or students.   BD

From earlier today: 

Swine flu Moving Closer to Orange County, CA – One probable case at Cal State Long Beach

Test results are expected to confirm as soon as Friday that two Irvine men, including an 18-year-old University High student, are the county's first cases of swine flu, health officials said.

The Health Care Agency on Thursday announced the two probable cases: The student and a 26-year-old man. Both young men had recently traveled to Mexico but do not know each other. Neither was hospitalized and the 26-year-old received antiviral medication.

Two probable swine flu cases found in Irvine | health, county, state, officials, swine - Life -

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