There’s no report on what Jay experienced, so maybe later we might have some additional details and perhaps when he returns, as expected on imageMonday he might even enlighten us himself.  BD

Late-night funnyman Jay Leno has checked himself into a hospital with a mystery illness - and Thursday night and Friday's "Tonight Show" tapings were canceled.

Leno, 58, wasn't feeling well, NBC spokeswoman Tracy St. Pierre said, but she was quick to shoot down Internet chatter that he had had a heart attack.

"No! My gosh!" St. Pierre said. "He's doing fine... He was kidding around with the hospital staff and running his monologue jokes by the doctors and the nurses. He's expected back to work on Monday.

"This is first time he's missed a show - period!"

Jay Leno cancels 'Tonight Show' taping; in hospital with mystery illness


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