Is everyone as excited about this as I am (grin).  Perhaps it will identify the balance bills before you get them in the mail.  The software also makes itimage very easy and simple to pay them too it states.  Well at least at this point we might be assured the Ingenix data base probably won’t be used to determine the usual and customary fees. 

They do have a page on Twitter. 

“This tool delivers on its promise and, over time, will help drive down administrative costs as well."  (quote from the site)

It may serve to help find errors, but the EOBs can help you do the same, but what I am wondering is this going to tie into the Personal Health Records the companies offer?  We saw some of that last week on the internet and again, how accurate and trusting will this tool be with working with PHRs?  With the slow growth of health information in PHRs, I just wonder how fast this will, or if it will take off.  Just as with getting an EOB if there is something wrong, an individual still has to pursue and get items corrected, but there does seem to be an emphasis on how easy it is to pay.  My own feelings is that I am very hesitant to use a PHR from a risk management company and have more trust in Microsoft and Google Health at this point, that is again if this is set to integrate with their PHRs.  BD   


CIGNA today became the first health plan to make Quicken Health Expense Tracker available to those enrolled in the health service company's Open Access, PPO, Point of Service and HMO health plans. Quicken Health Expense Tracker is an online, interactive way for individuals to organize, file and reconcile their healthcare financial information in a way that will help them make more informed decisions about their medical expenses.

Balance Bill? 


Recent studies conducted by Intuit found that while 83 percent of individuals spend a significant amount of time trying to organize, file and reconcile their healthcare financial information, only 34 percent actually read and understand their explanation of benefits. In teaming up with Intuit, CIGNA addresses these issues head-on, helping millions of individuals understand and better manage their healthcare spending.


Cigna First to Offer Quicken Health(SM) Expense Tracker – MarketWatch

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  1. Great questions. I work for Intuit, the maker of Quicken Health Expense Tracker. We feel that QHET adoption will be faster than PHRs simply because of the frequency that people need to pay their medical bills - which is way more often than they review their health history. Once they see how easy QHET makes it to understand whom to pay, what they owe and why, we think it will transform they want they manage their healthcare finances.

    Yes, an EOB shows the error, (if you can understand the medical jargon), but QHET translates those medical codes and weird terms into easily understood language and then walks you step-by-step on how to resolve an issue. An EOB only tells you "This is not a Bill." 75% of CIGNA beta testers agreed that Quicken Health Expense Tracker answered their questions without further inquiries needed.
    As far as security, QHET automatically backs up your data every day, and stores it on firewall-protected servers that are used exclusively for this purpose. We get regular certifications from C-Level Security (an independent security audit consulting firm), and adhere to HIPAA and Markle Foundation guidelines. And its from the makers of Quicken and TurboTax, so for more than two decades, millions of customers have trusted their sensitive tax, personal finance and small business data with Intuit.

  2. Thanks for adding the additional information. There's just so many places to go to today for claim information and challenging even for those of us that do technology for a living too.


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