The State of Texas is especially on alert with those crossing over the border.  BD

HOUSTON — A 23-month-old boy from Mexico City became the first person to die of swine flu in the United States after being airlifted two weeks ago to a Houston hospital from the border town of Brownsville, where he had been visiting relatives, officials said.

The boy had “several underlying health problems,” state health officials said, declining to give details.

The toddler who died had flown from Mexico City to Matamoros, Mexico, with his mother and siblings on April 3, officials said. The family crossed over to Brownsville that night to visit an aunt, and two days later drove to Houston, where his mother had a doctor’s appointment, said Carlos Cascos, the chief executive of Cameron County, which includes Brownsville.

Mexican Child Visiting U.S. 1st to Die Here of Swine Flu -

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