This is also very interesting what he has to say about the strain, and what makes up the composition.  It is called the Swine flu as that contains 2 parts, but there’s also one part bird and one part human, so it’s a bit complex.  By getting a flu shot, you are being protected against the human side of the virus, but perhaps not the other portions.  His mission is to find out more about why Mexico and more of the origins to perhaps add information that the rest of the world as well as Mexico can use.  BD 

MEXICO CITY, Mexico (CNN) -- CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta has gone to Mexico, the apparent epicenter of the swine flu outbreak where more than 100 people have died in suspected cases.

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta, reporting outside a Mexico City hospital, says people can't get swine flu by eating pork.


With governments scrambling to prevent further outbreak, Gupta appeared Monday on CNN to address people's concerns.

CNN: We got a question that comes to us over Twitter. This question, "I heard that you can't contract swine flu from eating pork. Is that true? If so, why? Does cooking or curing pork destroy the virus?"

Gupta: It is true. You cannot catch it from eating the pork. And it is true that cooking it to a certain temperature, around 160 degrees, also inactivates most of the pathogens in the pork as well.

This particular virus seems to be a combination of several different strains: two strains of swine flu, one strain of bird flu and one strain of human flu. It's the human flu that that flu shot may protect slightly against. So you're protecting against a part of the virus if that makes any sense.

Gupta: Swine flu affecting people in prime -


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