A few more blows for this hospital trying to survive.  It has already lost it’ accreditation from the Joint Commission.  Not a good idea perhaps to leave patient charts laying around in the doctor’s lounge, although I have seen this done elsewhere too.  The one item that is disturbing is to have surgeons on call refuse to come in, 2 of them.  Hopefully they can get back on track as it is not a real old facility by any means.  BD  

Anaheim General Hospital once again faces the threat of losing federal funding after an inspection turned up unsafe conditions, including imageon-call doctors who refused to come in, and an English-speaking patient who was given a consent form in Spanish.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services this week released a report from a January inspection of the hospital, which has been under federal pressure to fix safety problems for more than a year. The hospital is owned by Pacific Health Corp. in Tustin.

Chief Executive James Young did not return phone calls for comment, but the company released a statement Friday saying that the hospital has revamped many policies and procedures as well as replaced managers.  Inspectors found 10 medical files sitting in an empty doctor's lounge. In another case, a file was missing from the storage room. When it was found, it was unknown who had removed it. The hospital has stopped leaving records in unlocked rooms and is reviewing a log book to make sure records are accounted for.

In the pharmacy, intravenous solutions were stored in an outside shed where temperatures fluctuated outside the range recommended by manufacturers.

Regulators again criticize conditions at Anaheim General | hospital, patient, medicare, inspection, anaheim - News - OCRegister.com

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