This is great news for the new operating system for Windows Mobile.  I use a Windows Mobile Cell Phone and already use some of the voice imagecommands available in Live Search on the device.  It certainly makes it easier than inputting all the information via keyboard.  As I understand, the service will be free and have the ability to speak outgoing text messages, nice! 

Additional information can be read at the site.  Just last week I posted about Windows Mobile Units soon being able to provide medical ultra sound imaging.  See the related reading below for the post.  BD 

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT)'s Tellme subsidiary is announcing a voice service that will be available to carriers and manufacturers for free for use on Windows Mobile 6.5 this fall. Users will be able to push a button on their phone to activate the service and say things like "Text Steve Jones" and the device would open up the SMS application, create a new message and pre-address it to Steve Jones.


The service will allow much more than just that. You can say "Call Mark Smith" and the phone will initiate the call for you. If you have more than one number for him, it will ask you to specify which number (work, mobile, home, etc) to dial. If you said "Pizza in Kansas City" the service would find a pizza place in Kansas City for you through Microsoft's Live search service. image

Microsoft's Tellme Voice Service For Windows Mobile - Mobile Blog – InformationWeek

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