Thanks again to, the Lance Armstrong site dedicated to better living.  Hopefully Lance is recovering from his surgery after his recentimage fall too.  Lance is also a very dedicated Twitter fan and is a great example of someone who over came cancer and dedicates time and a foundation to the continued effort so others can benefit.  

You can also find his cause on Facebook too, and the Medical Quack is a fan.  Thanks to the folks at Livestrong for the interest in the new Germ Zapping Keyboard that can stand to help stamp out MRSA and C Diff.  BD 


A few others from the recent past…


This is actually a long post that I wrote about a visit to the doctor in the future, but with examples of what one might consider Sci-Fi, but it is all here today, a bit humor included here. 


Germ-Zapping Keyboard – for use in Hospitals to help prevent the spread of MRSA, C Diff, and other bacterial infections | LIVESTRONG.COM

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