This is California, the Long Beach campus gave out masks and flooded with news, but few were wearing them, unlike what we saw in the CNN video in Mexico.  I guess the potential seriousness has not sunk in yet.  Forth Worth, Dallas has shut down the school system for 10 days in Texas.  image

Today, WHO warned of a a global pandemic. 

Also from ABC News:

“Schools in 14 states have shut their doors on more than 160,000 schoolchildren as the nation's swine flu crisis enters its second week.”

And the spread appears far from over. A small cluster of infections appears to be emerging in Washington state. In Washington, D.C., the World Bank issued a statement Thursday morning that a staff member who had traveled to Mexico on business April 14-18 has been "preliminarily diagnosed" with swine flu. The CDC has yet to confirm the diagnosis of the individual, who is a Maryland resident, according to the statement.

You can’t stop living your life, but precautions should be noticed and taken where needed.  BD

LONG BEACH Swine flu moved closer to Orange County on Wednesday as one new case emerged in San Bernardino County and probable cases were reported in Los Angeles and Riverside counties.  The university has set up a hotline to answer students' questions at (562) 985-1460 and is updating its website:

But so far, Orange County has remained swine flu free.

One of the probable cases reported Wednesday involves a student at Cal State Long Beach, who lives in a dorm room and who is recovering from what appears to be a mild illness, school officials confirmed Wednesday.

In an email sent to students and faculty, university president F. King Alexander said the student received a "probable positive" test result from the Long Beach Health Department.  Statewide, the tally of confirmed swine flu cases stayed steady at 14, but the number of probable cases jumped to 29, including two cases in Los Angeles County, four in Riverside County, one in San Bernardino County, and eight in San Diego County, the California Department of Public Health's Gil Chavez reported.

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  1. An NRI who flew to Hyderabad from Texas, the US state which reported the first swine flu death outside Mexico, was on Wednesday found to have the flu symptoms..
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