If you hang around Twitter long enough and use it as a business tool, it is a great way to filter and read the information you want and need.  The scientists are saying it’s too much too fast.  This is not just a Twitter problem, there’s regular text messaging and other forms of communication that have been around for a lot longer and it’s a whole shift of communication that has changed.  image

If not careful though, one could somewhat forget that there’s life beyond a text box, and I get that way for a few minutes of the day, as I’m sure we all do, but come back to earth before I am gone forever (grin).  I don’t think there’s a lack for admiration as that’s what retweets are for.  On the compassion side, well that’s an up an down thing I believe.  Remember there’s only 141 characters to do all of this.  When we need a break, as we all do, we walk away from the computer and shut off the phone.  It’s not just Twitter, it’s all of the information and news we digest today and all of us doing more with less, not to mention the economy, so let’s not make it Twitter’s fault.  BD 

(CNN) -- Rapid-fire TV news bulletins or getting updates via social-networking tools such as Twitter could numb our sense of morality and make us indifferent to human suffering, scientists say.

New findings show that the streams of information provided by social networking sites are too fast for the brain's "moral compass" to process and could harm young people's emotional development.

Before the brain can fully digest the anguish and suffering of a story, it is being bombarded by the next news bulletin or the latest Twitter update, according to a University of Southern California study.

Brain scans showed humans can process and respond very quickly to signs of physical pain in others, but took longer to show admiration of compassion.  Twitter, which allows users to swap messages and links of 140-characters or less, says on its Web site that it sees itself as a solution to information overload, rather than a cause of it.

Scientists warn of rapid -fire media dangers - CNN.com

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  1. ...didn't TV and the ten o'clock news do this to us decades ago?


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