Once again, it appears the phones have it.  Not to be outdone by the iPhone, Windows Mobile units could be doing a whole lot more in the future.  I would guess you might want to put the phone on vibrate while doing an ultra sound so as not to affect the outcome (grin). 

I don’t quite understand the biopsy function yet, but perhaps more information will follow soon.  Cell phones are ending up in places we never thought of before.  If the price is around $500.00, perhaps the wireless carrier will give a break on the price with a 2 year contract (grin).  One day we may have to start doing our own ultra sounds before arriving at the ER.  BD  

ST. LOUIS, April 22 (UPI) -- U.S. engineers say they have created a USB-based ultrasound probe technology that enables a smart phone to imagebecome a medical imaging device.

The Washington University in St. Louis scientists, led by Associate Professor William Richard and researcher David Zar, said the technology makes commercial USB ultrasound probes compatible with Microsoft Windows mobile-based smartphones. That allows the use of smartphones for imaging kidneys, liver, bladder and eyes, prostate and uterine screenings and biopsies, as well as using vascular probes for imaging veins and arteries for starting IVs and central lines.

We don't know when these might be commercially available, but they are hoping to sell them for around $500 -- significantly cheaper than many portable ultrasounds, which can cost almost $30,000.




  1. That is absolutely Awesooome.. I've heard that one and never knew it was really true... thanks for sharing.. :)

  2. Thanks for commenting here, there's more on the way too for Windows Mobile.

  3. What phone is that? HTC?

  4. I am not sure, but HTC certainly is the top of the line with Windows Mobile phones and they cost the most.


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