Merck is already in battle with Teva over Singulair drug patents and just recently purchased a bio-similar drug company, so perhaps the answers for new drugs might lay in this area and it also carries a smaller price tag too.  The cost of bringing a drug to market gets more expensive all the the time and when one is considered a failure in trials or due to side effects, there’s a substantial investment lost.  Meanwhile Congress is still debating and trying to figure out what to do with Bio-Similar or follow me drugs.  BD 

Merck and Teva Go to Court over Singulair Going Generic

Merck, maker of the Maxalt migraine drug, has been betting heavily on adding a new medicine to its lineup aimed at the multibillion-dollar migraine market. The company has been planning to ask the FDA this year to approve the medicine, telcagepant, and analysts predicted the drug could have $800 million or more in sales in 2015. Analysts considered telcagepant one of Merck’s key new products.

The problem: some patients participating in an exploratory study gauging whether the drug could be taken daily to prevent migraines developed high levels of liver enzymes. The company stopped the study and is reviewing data from another study, said Peter Kim, Merck’s research chief. Meantime, it is moving ahead with studies of the drug’s intermittent use to treat migraine attacks.

Merck Suffers Blow Developing New Migraine Drug - Health Blog - WSJ

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